Comprehensive Literature Review of Chinese Child and Adolescent Problem Behaviour

The majority of adolescent research is based on samples from Western countries. China has one of the leading populations of adolescents in the world, and more research is needed to better understand the development of problem behaviors in Chinese children and adolescents. As the first step, we are conducting a comprehensive and systematic literature review of all studies that have examined various problem behaviors (e.g., alcohol use, tobacco use, risky sexual behavior) in Chinese children and adolescents, published in Chinese (Mandarin) and English. Meta-analyses will follow to summarize previous findings. This endeavor could better elucidate prevalence, group differences, secular trends, developmental patterns, risk and protective factors, as well as developmental outcomes of problem behaviors in Chinese adolescents and guide future research.

Interested in getting involved in this research project as an independent study student or just want to volunteer? Please contact Dr. Zheng (! Prospective students will have to be able to speak and read Mandarin for the specific purpose of this project.