Dr. Mara R. Brendgen

Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Quebec at Montreal

Dr. Bo (Cloud) Cao

Canada Research Chair in Computational Psychiatry

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Alberta


Dr. Lixian Cui

Assistant Professor of Psychology, NYU Shanghai

Global Network Assistant Professor, New York University

Affect Dynamics in Relationships (ADR) Lab

Chinese Families Lab (CFL)

Dr. Natalie Goulter

University Research Associate

Adjunct Professor, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University

Dr. Yueqin Hu

Professor, Faculty of Psychology, Beijing Normal University

Dr. Robert McMahon

Professor, Department of Psychology, Simon Fraser University

Leadership Chair in Reduction of Youth Violence

Director, Institute for the Reduction of Youth Violence

Dr. Yishan Shen

Assistant Professor, School of Family & Consumer Sciences, Texas State University

Dr. Jinni Su

Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Arizona State University

Genes, Environment, and Youth Development Lab

Dr. Yijie Wang

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Studies, Michigan State University

Dr. Yue Yu

Lecturer, Office of Education Research, Nanyang Technological University

Centre for Research in Child Development, National Institute of Education, NTU, Singapore

Dr. Jieting Zhang

Assistant Professor, College of Psychology, Shenzhen University