The Adolescent Development Lab, led by Dr. Yao Zheng, studies normative and atypical psychological, social, emotional, and behavioral development during adolescence and young adulthood. We examine multiple factors that influence the risk and resilience of adolescent and young adult development, such as family (e.g., parenting) and peer (e.g., friend affiliation) influences, genetic and environmental interplay, in various contexts (e.g., school, neighborhood, culture) and timescales (e.g., days, years). The ultimate goal of our research is to inform interventions to promote child, adolescent, and young adult physical and mental health and well-being. Our research projects primarily focus on externalizing problems, such as conduct problems, antisocial behaviors, and substance use.

Our research is supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council, Mitacs, Women and Children’s Health Research Institute, and China Institute .