The City of Edmonton is the capital of the province of Alberta, with a population of approximately 1.3 million in its metropolitan area.  The scenic North Saskatchewan River, with its source in the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies, runs through the city. Edmonton is a unique urban environment, with over 160 km of maintained pathways and 20 parks in its river valley, one of the longest stretches of connected urban parkland in North America.  The downtown area has many of Edmonton’s oldest heritage buildings and its tallest office towers. The University of Alberta’s main campus, the main conference venue for ISB 12, is located on the south side of the North Saskatchewan River within walking distance of many hotels, restaurants, shopping areas, and cultural activities.  For more information, visit

What to Wear: 
Shoes and Sandals: You will need a good pair of walking shoes, both for in town and for exploring the great outdoors. It is a good idea to bring two pairs of shoes in case it rains. As well, you may appreciate wearing sandals on warmer days.
Light Clothing: Light clothing (shorts, t-shirts, tank tops) will be most useful during the months of July and August, but days can still be warm in June.
Warmer Clothing: You will need some warmer clothing (jeans, pants, long-sleeved shirts, sweatshirts) throughout the summer. Evenings can be cool in the summer months so you should try to layer your clothing.
Raincoat or light jacket: A raincoat or light jacket will come in handy for rainy or cooler days.
Hats and Sunglasses: A brimmed hat and sunglasses are highly recommended for protection against the sun.

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How to get to the Centennial Centre for Interdisciplinary Science from anywhere on campus:

From Campus Tower Suites
From the University Station
From Lister Centre
From University of Alberta Administration Building