Keynote Speakers 

Erika Hoff
Florida Atlantic University

Marco Jacquemet
University of San Francisco
Transidiomia: Language and Power in the Digital Age

Enric Llurda
Universitat de Lleida

Roy Lyster
McGill University

Richard Clément
Université d’Ottawa

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Invited Symposia

Immersion (Diane Tedick)

Heritage language learning in children (Silvina Montrul)

Language and thought (Bene Bassetti)

First language learning and the brain (Thierry Nazzi)

Bilingualism in the context of world Englishes (Suzanne Hilgendorf)

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Featured Speaker

Joseph Windsor

University of Calgary

Learning Klingon: What a Barely-Human Grammar Can Teach Us about Language Acquisition

Invited Roundtable