Nesting Birds of the World

This lesson, Nesting birds of the world, explores birds, the nests they build, and the behaviours associated with nest building. We look forward to seeing your students’ nest creations and answering their questions!
Designed to support Alberta’s Grade 1 Science curriculum:
  • Topic E: Needs of Animals and Plants
  • Topic C: Building Things
We recommend you start with the teacher’s guide, which will provide you will all of the information you need to deliver this lesson.
Extension activities include a hands-on activity that will allow students to build their own nest. As well as “print and play” bingo, colouring sheets, and matching games to support both the science content and skills development.

Resources can be downloaded by clicking download link below which will bring you to a google drive page

  1. Teachers guide – start here with all the information you will need to deliver this lesson
  2. Lesson slideshow – MS powerpoint presentation to show your students
  3. Bingo activity – Print and play
  4. (& 5.) Colouring sheets of birds and nest types
  5. see above
  6. Build your own nest extension activity
  7. (& 8.) Match the nest to the builder bird (pdf and powerpoint version)
  8. see above
  9. (& 10.) Posters to print out to hang around classroom (pdf and powerpoint versions)
  10. see above
  11. Submitting student questions and teacher feedback
  12. Book list: https://bit.ly/NestBuilding_Booklist

Share your experience!

Post photos of students creations – we’d love to see what you’ve made.

Curious about something? Ask us questions! The ACRG will be checking online and responding to questions that are posted.

Interact with other classes who are also learning about bird nesting behaviour


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other nest-building activities

Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour “Birds’ nests: marvels of architecture and design” https://www.asab.org/educationprimary

A Nest for Explorers https://tinkergarten.com/activities/nest-for-explorers