Honour Students

Xun Zhou

Hey this is Xun, I’m a 2nd year Honors student at the IClab. I enjoy helping out other lab members with their projects to experience various aspects of intercultural research such as cultural adaptation, language learning, speech evaluation, and their impact on well-being etc. I guess ultimately I’m just curious about why people love and hate each other, and ways to resolve cultural conflicts in an integrating world. Apart from studying I like reading, doing calligraphy, and sleeping. I also had a prior career in pig farming, oink!

Bilan Abdulkadir

Hello! My name is Bilan Abdulkadir. I am currently a third year psychology student in the Honours program. As the daughter of Somali immigrants, I have always been interested in social and cultural psychology; specifically, identify denial and micro-aggressions. I am excited to learn more about these topics, and research in general, through the ICLab!

Patricia Shaina Bautista

Hi there! My name is Patricia and I am currently a 4th year Psychology student in the Faculty of Arts. I joined the IC Lab because my interests lies in the processes and motivations behind language learning. My current focus is studying the motivations behind Heritage Language learning and/or maintenance, as well as the importance of HL for specific groups of people. In my free time, I enjoy reading books, drawing, and pretending to play the piano 🙂

Independent Study Students

Mariam Dar

Hi there! I am in my final year of honours psychology and I’m completing an independent study in the ICLab; I am working with fellow students on a meta-analysis of studies about language learning and Self-Determination Theory. Much of what I know about psychology research is related to empirical data collection, so it has been really cool learning about the different approaches and methods involved in systematic review and meta-analysis. I started on this project in Summer 2021 and I am looking forward to continuing into the Winter!

Tianzi Dou

I am currently a third-year undergraduate student majoring in psychology at the University of Alberta. My research interests include cross-cultural communication and differences, as well as how social groups and cultures can affect people’s feelings, thoughts and decision-making process. Other than the research-related works, I love raising plants, making handcrafts, traveling, participating in and observing the interesting sides of fandom culture.

Qiuhua Yu

Hi, I am Qiuhua and I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. I speak Chinese, English, Japanese and Korean. It is the passion in language learning (e.g., language mindset, and self-determination) and language acculturation that brought me to the IC lab. I am currently helping with the Chinese Longitudinal Study and Self-determination Theory project. It is a very enriching and enjoyable experience for me to be part of the team, since I have been able to gain a deeper understanding of language motivation and participate in various studies. In my free time, I enjoy reading novels, drawing, playing Pipa (a musical instrument), cooking, swimming and travelling, etc..

Aesha Fazli

Hello, my name is Aesha and I am currently a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Psychology. As a current independent studies student, I am interested in studying about Immigrants’ acculturation process and the effects it can have on social and cultural identity. I am currently helping with the Twitter study. I look forward to gaining new skills, meeting new people, and furthering my career, and interests in research. During my free time, I enjoy going on hikes/being outdoors, spending quality time with friends & family, painting, playing sports, and dancing!

Haozhe Liu

Hello, my name is Haozhe. I am currently a third-year undergraduate student, and I am shadowing for the psychology BA Honor’s program this year. Overall, I am really interested in emotion, especially the role of emotion in immigrants’ acculturation process as well as how it is related to individuals’ self-identity or identity shift. As a side note: I really LOVE Doraemon!   

Haiyue (Hayley) Luo

Hi everyone, My name is Hayley and I’m in the third year of my undergraduate studies in Psychology with a Sociology minor, and I am working towards a Certificate of Community Service Learning and International Learning. I’m very excited to be part of the IClab and I am currently helping with the Chinese Longitudinal Study. In the upcoming period, I look forward to exploring cultural diversity and gaining an understanding of the intercultural competencies. At my leisure, I enjoy eating, watching comedy films and horror movies. I’m also a dog lover because dogs will never fail to make me smile. I have two puppies, a schnauzer, and a pug. They are the most loyal, sweet, affectionate dog we have had.”

Danat Tewelde

Hi, I am Danat and I am currently in my final year of a Psychology major. I am part of the team working on a meta-analysis of studies focusing on language learning and Self-Determination Theory. It has been very interesting working on this project since it is not an area of research that I am familiar with. I am excited to continue gaining new skills and working alongside my fellow team members. Some of the things I love to do in my free time are spend quality time with my family and friends, read, bake and dance.

Dharma Johnston

Hi! I’m Dharma, a fourth year psychology student at the University of Alberta. I am very interested in research focusing on intercultural communication in a healthcare setting, and Indigenous culture. As an independent study student, I am currently working on the meta-analysis and Indigenous identifiers projects. I live on a farm, so in my free time, I am usually busy working with animals, such as cows, goats, horses, donkeys, and dogs. I also really enjoy cooking and photography.

Sara Gloeckler

I am a fourth-year psychology student at the University of Alberta and am completing an independent research study in the ICLab. My interests in language acquisition and motivation in learning brought me to the ICLab. I am currently working on the Self-Determination Theory meta-analysis and am assisting with the Indigenous Identifiers project. I am excited to participate in these incredible research projects and hone my qualitative and quantitative research skills