Research & Honours Programs

Research Certificate:

  • Research is a great way to gain relevant skills and experiences desired in many careers related to psychology. This new certificate program provides official recognition for undergraduate involvement in research. Both Arts and Science psychology majors, as well as non-psychology major students are eligible. There is no need to apply for the certificate, it is given to students who have completed a certain number of research courses as part of their degree.
  • To learn more about some of the courses you can take to earn the certificate, please click here
  • For guidance about the research certificate, please contact Dr. Baerveldt (

Honours Program: 

  • The Honors Program is another great way to get involved with research during your undergraduate degree. Under the supervision of a faculty member, students will have the opportunity to design and conduct original research, learn how to write a thesis, and have the opportunity to share their findings at conferences. In addition, students who have successfully completed the Honours Program will also receive a research certificate in recognition of the research they have conducted.
  • More information about the program can be found here
  • If you have any questions or are interested in the certificate or the program, feel free to contact our VP Academic or one of the honours advisors below for more information!
  • VP Academic: Avery Vestby (
  • Arts: David Rast (
  • Science: Tom Spalding (