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Interested in joining the UPA? Here’s how!

UPA Exec Team

Want to be on the exec team? Applications open up on March 21st! Keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for the application package.

There are 9 positions to run for:


  • Candidates with at least one year of executive experience with another group may be considered.
  • Overall organization and coordination of the group and its activities
  • Lays out a plan for the year
    Schedules and chairs meetings, incl. executive and general
    Drafts a budget for the year (with VP Finance)
  • Amends the Constitution, and any other rules, bylaws, etc. (with VP Internal) as needed
  • Assists any VP that needs guidance or help in their role
  • Attends at least one meeting of each committee per semester
  • Holds at least one individual meeting with other VPs each semester
  • Represents the UPA to the department, university, and community in general
  • Is the representative at any departmental, faculty, or SGS meetings and relays relevant information to the executive board
  • Helps promote the UPA and recruiting new members
  • Writes reference letters for all Executive and volunteers upon request
  • Applies for group awards
  • Drafts agendas for Executive meetings


  • Compliments the roles of the President either in conjunction with or in their absence
  • Provides support and assistance to all UPA executives
  • Drafts UPA rules and bylaws (with President)

VP Academics:

  • Organizes numerous academic events such as study groups and forums, which may include: Graduate Studies, Honors Program, Internship Program, Individual Study, and Lab Volunteering
  • Provides grad school and other program-related information

VP Communications:

  • Promotes UPA to students and the campus community
  • Maintains UPA website
  • Advertises and promotes all UPA events and activities in collaboration
  • Creates monthly and special occasion newsletter to send out to Psychology students
  • Keeps in touch with departmental contacts
  • Works closely in Liaison with VP Marketing

VP Marketing:

  • Promotes UPA to students and the campus community
  • Maintains UPA presence on Facebook and Instagram
  • Advertises and promotes all UPA events and activities in collaboration
  • Designs UPA Logo and all marketing media
  • Works in liaison with VP Communications

VP Administration:

  • Responsible for intra-group communication
  • Keeps the office open and organized with other members
  • Keeps meeting minutes and other records of volunteer hours
  • Maintains member and executive contact lists
  • Maintains the UPA email account
  • Organizes office hours

VP Social:

  • Responsible for organization and planning of social events for UPA members (minimum of 2 per semester)
  • Must take SIPS/AA training before or during the Fall semester and be one of the designated SIPS/AA representatives at UPA hosted events
  • Must make certain that the UPA has the proper number of SIPS/AA representatives at UPA hosted events that include alcohol

VP Volunteers:

  • Recruits volunteers and schedules shifts
  • Coordinates UPA volunteers and assigns them to committees
  • Maintains a record of volunteer hours
  • Manages the Peer Mentorship program
  • Reviews mentor applications and matches mentors with mentee
  • Offers guidance and getting feedback for mentors/mentees
  • Writes reference letters for mentors if required
  • Organizes community service initiatives, such as Volunteer Fairs
  • Provides resources concerning employment and volunteer opportunities

VP Finance:

  • Responsible for finances and banking, including
  • Managing bank account, updating finance database, counting cash box once a month, going through receipts, making deposits, writing cheques, etc.
  • Drafts annual budget (with President)
  • Acquires sponsorship deals and discounts for UPA events and members, grant funding
  • Attends meetings that include relevant information to granting alongside the president
  • Works closely with the executives to ensure logistics of each event are confirmed, including costs, locations, dates, and times