On-Line FAQ

Q: I have a Mac rather than a PC. Can I take part in Re:Cognition Lab studies?

A: Sorry, no. The platform we use to run studies (Presentation) is currently PC only.

Q: Can I take part in Re:Cognition Lab studies by downloading Presentation on a University machine?

A: No. University PCs do not currently allow the installation of Presentation.

Q: To download the correct version of Package Player, how do I find out if my PC is 32- or 64-bit?

A: Go to Control Panel > System > System Type

Q: I forgot to download a copy of the consent / debriefing form, where are they?

A: You can always access our consent and debriefing forms on the On-Line Instructions page. Just remember the code of the study you took part in!

Q: There are many studies that come up on the On-Line Instructions page, which one am I supposed to do?

A: There is a research code associated with each study (a combination of letters and numbers). Log back into Research Participation to find the research code you sign up for.

Q: Can I take a break during the study?

A: Of course! But please leave the program running during your break.

Q: Can I complete the study in multiple sessions?

A: No. You should complete the study in a single session.

Q: How do I upload my data after I have completed the study?

A: You don’t need to do anything extra to upload your data- Presentation will do this automatically for you!

Q: How do I know if I have received a credit?

A: Participation credit will be assigned as long as you have correctly filled out the consent form, installed Presentation Player Package, run the study you signed up for, and entered your personal identifier when prompted, before starting the study.

Q: My computer says “The active response device “Keyboard” was not found on this system.

A: This is a know issue related to non English-Canadian / English-US configured keyboards. We do not currently have a solution to this.

Q: I’m still having technical difficulties installing Presentation Player Package and / or running the study I signed up for

A: Please take a screenshot of any error messages you might be receiving, and send them to the researchers via e-mail mentioning the study code you signed up for.

Q: I can’t download the Presentation study without a passcode, what is it?

A: The passcode was in the consent form that you filled out.

Q: How do I quit the study?

A: If you are running Presentation, you can press ESC at any time to quit the study.