Total Chaos

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Q How does the 0 (zero) TOTAL card work?

A At least two cards will need to be placed on that row / column to first compute 0. If 0 is played with the ANNUL action, there are no cubes to remove the first time 0 is claimed. However, every subsequent time 0 is claimed, the current cube must first be removed (ANNUL before BLOCK before COMPUTE). So if 0 is played with the ANNUL action, there can only be one cube on the 0 TOTAL card at any time.


Q Do I resolve the activated row or column first?

A It’s your choice and the order can change as you proceed through each action.


Q Can there be multiple cubes on a single TOTAL card?

A Yes. There may be multiple cubes from one or both players. Remember that if you play with the ANNUL action, all cubes from the TOTAL card are removed to OVERFLOW.

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