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SNL Alumni (Selected)

Victoria Rennie (she/her)

Victoria Rennie was a honours student with the lab from 2020-2022. She was also the lab manager for that time. Her thesis looked at feather angle as a potential expression of emotion in Black-capped chickadees.

Michelle Gao (she/her)

Michelle Gao was a NSERC USRA student during the summer of 2022. During her time at the SNL Michell built over 100 cages!! She is a health sciences student at McMaster University in Hamilton.

Jenna Congdon (she/her)

Jenna received both her MSc. and PhD. from the University of Alberta. She also completed a MITACS postdoctoral fellowship with the Toronto Zoo. Currently, she is a professor at Concordia University.

Kimberley Campbell (she/her)

Kimberley obtained both her MSc. and PhD. from the University of Alberta. She is an avid bird lover and is passionate about teaching. She is interested in teaching a variety of Psychology , Biology, and Statistics related topics at a post-secondary level. Currently, she is a sessional instructor at the University of Alberta, Grant Macewan and Concordia University.

Kina Montenegro (she/her)

Carolina (Kina) Montenegro began her scientific career as a research assistant, studying flashbacks in individuals with PTSD in the Laboratory of Consciousness, Cognition, and Psychopathology at Binghamton University. She has a life-long interest in animals and believes that through studying animals we can gain a deeper appreciation for animals and our environment. 

Thomas Benowicz (he/him)

Thomas was an honours student from 2019-2021. He is currently an MEd in Counselling Psychology Student at the University of Alberta. He holds a BSc (Hons) in Psychology and has been involved in research and practice in numerous areas of psychology for several years. He spends much of his free time outdoors, including skiing, hiking, kayaking, skydiving, and exploring Alberta.