Memory for Events Lab


Lab Director

Peggy L. St. Jacques, PhD (she/her) ORCID

Dr. Peggy L. St. Jacques is an Assistant Professor and Canada Research Chair in Cognitive Neuroscience in the Department of Psychology at the University of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada. She received her Honours BSc from the University of Toronto, where she first was inspired to pursue research in autobiographical memory. During her Ph.D. at Duke University, she gained expertise in functional neuroimaging studies of autobiographical memory. Dr. St. Jacques then pursed postdoctoral training at Harvard University, where she used wearable camera technology to elicit autobiographical memories to investigate the neural mechanisms by which remembering updates memory with new information. She established her Memory for Events Lab initially at the University of Sussex in 2015, prior to moving back to Canada to join the University of Alberta in 2018. Her primary research focus is to understand the cognitive and neural mechanisms that support memory for events, including autobiographical experiences from one’s personal past and realistic experiences encoded in a more controlled setting. In particular, she is interested in how long-term representations of memory are modified via retrieval related mechanisms and the role of visual perspective. As an Indigenous scholar, Dr. St. Jacques also values equity, diversity, and inclusivity in science. One of her favourite autobiographical memories is when she visited a Balsamic Vinegar House in the Reggio Emilia area in Italy.

Post-Doctorate Fellows

Picture of Alice Bush

Alice Bush, PhD (she/her)

Dr. Alice Bush completed her PhD at the University of East Anglia, UK, in December 2023. Her thesis focused on the cognitive and neural components that make up rich and vivid memories, focusing specifically on the encoding and retrieval of multisensory details and the effect of perspective on subjective and objective aspects of recollection. She also assessed the involvement of the angular gyrus in the retrieval of detailed autobiographical memories. She has recently joined the ME Lab to continue researching these topics as a Postdoctoral Fellow. One of her favourite autobiographical memories is the first time she hiked to the peak Cima Rossa in the Italian Alps with her mother and cousins.

Graduate Students

Selen Küçüktaş, MA (she/her)

Selen received her BA in Psychology from Yeditepe University, and completed an MA in Psychological Sciences at Boğaziçi University, Turkey. She has been pursuing her PhD in the ME Lab since 2019. Her main research interest focuses on how adopting distinct visual perspectives impacts the retrieval of emotional aspects of events, as well as the neural mechanisms supporting this process. One of her favourite autobiographical memories is her trip to Belgrade, Serbia, to attend an international Argentine tango festival.

Anna Romero, MSc

Anna is a recent graduate of the University of Alberta’s Psychology Honours program. Anna completed her honours thesis here at the ME Lab with Dr. St. Jacques. She has recently accepted an offer to the MSc in Psychology at the University of Alberta, where she will be continuing her work at the Memory for Events Lab. Her main research interest is in understanding how schemas and prior knowledge inform autobiographical memory. One of her favourite autobiographical memories was seeing her grandma after not having seen her for seven years.

Júlia Feminella, BSc

Júlia received her BSc in Psychology from Universidade de Brasília. She’s currently pursuing an MSc in the lab. Her research involves how format (2D/3D) and emotional valence in virtual reality settings can affect memory. One of her favorite autobiographical memories is shooting a short film in a single afternoon along with her friends.

Undergraduate Honours Students

Anna Cuff (she/her)

Anna is pursuing an Honours BSc in Psychology. She is interested in the neural mechanisms supporting alternative ways of remembering and fMRI studies of autobiographical memory. One of her favourite autobiographical memories was seeing the ABBA Voyage concert in London, England, with her mom in 2023.

Undergraduate Students & Volunteers

Sarah Beeby

Sarah is pursuing an Honors BSc in Psychology. She is interested in the neural mechanisms involved in memory and understanding how emotional regulation and visual perspective change the content of our memories. Her favorite personal autobiographical memory is her trip to New York City with her mom in 2019, where they attended a performance of Hamilton on Broadway.

Research Assistants

Mae Pacificar

Mae received her Honours BSc in Psychology at the University of Alberta under the supervision of Dr. Hayward in the VASP Lab. She is currently a research assistant at the ME Lab and is interested in the role of vision and visual perspectives in autobiographical memory processes. One of her favourite autobiographical memories is seeing the first peaks of the Rocky Mountains during her first family trip to Banff as a new immigrant in Canada.