Memory for Events Lab
Graduate Students

Graduate Students

We have openings in the Memory for Events (ME) lab for one or two graduate students (either MSc or PhD) to start in 2024.

Potential candidates must be able to demonstrate relevant experience with the current research interests in the lab in the cognitive neuroscience of memory. Ideal candidates would have relevant research and/or course-based experience in the study of human memory in Psychology using behavioral and/or functional neuroimaging techniques.

There are two ways students can apply to the ME Lab:

  1. Students can apply to the graduate program in the Department of Psychology. Students admitted to the program have funding through assistantships, and are also encouraged to apply to Tri-Council Graduate Scholarships.
  2. Alternatively, students can also apply through the Neuroscience and Mental Health Institute. Students interested in the NMHI program must contact Dr. St. Jacques in advance to confirm her potential willingness to supervise, and should also plan to submit a Tri-Council Graduate Scholarship or other external funding at the same time as their graduate application to UAlberta. Admissions to NMHI are extremely competitive due to funding limitations.

Interested candidates should also email Dr. St. Jacques in advance of the respective program deadline with the following information: a) a letter of interest stating why you want to conduct memory research in the ME Lab, b) a copy of your most recent CV/resume, c) a copy of your transcript, d) copies of any relevant publications (e.g., posters, chapters, peer-reviewed papers), and e) contact information for three reference letter writers who can speak to your aptitude for advanced study in Psychology.