Graduate Research Opportunities

VESC lab is looking for new graduate students who are interested in human spatial cognition in virtual/real environments.  Former graduate students landed in a postdoc position at major research universities including Brown, Johns Hopkins, University of Arizona, University of Notre Dame, University of California at Davis, and Vanderbilt. If you would like to apply, email supporting documents to Dr. Mou (wmou@ualberta.ca). For detailed information about application, selection and admissions procedure as well as the faculty, please visit https://www.ualberta.ca/psychology/programs/graduate-studies.

Dr. Mou supervises students through the Department of Psychology. Scholarships are available from the Department of Psychology, U of A, AHFMR,NSERCCIHRIngenuityCSC.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

We are currently seeking highly motivated and responsible volunteer research assistants who are interested in spatial cognition research. Research Assistants will also have the opportunity to work with graduate students and will learn about ongoing research in our lab. This position is especially ideal for students who are planning to pursue graduate study.

We provide opportunities for volunteers, undergraduate students (including Psyco 299 Students, 396/398, 496/498 Independent Study Students, and Undergraduate Honors Students), graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

Post-doctoral and Visiting Researcher Opportunities

If you are interested in pursuing a postdoc or visiting scholar position in VESC lab, please contact Dr. Mou directly for information. Unless otherwise specified, all postdocs and visiting scholars must obtain external funding to support their visit. 

Postdoctoral fellows can be supported by a national or provincial granting agency, e.g., CSC, CIHRAHFMR , and awards through the University of Alberta.