About The Lab

Developmental Science

Using theoretical perspectives from developmental science and developmental psychopathology, the PEERS lab investigates the developmental course of social-emotional and academic competencies and problems during childhood and adolescence. Our research primarily focuses on children growing up in the context of low-income and examines sources of resiliency among socially and economically vulnerable children and adolescents. We are particularly interested in how relationships with peers, parents and teachers and setting-level processes (e.g., classroom quality, instructional practices, home environment, and ethnic diversity) affect the developmental competencies and problems of vulnerable children and adolescents.

Applied Developmental Science

The PEERS lab integrates the conceptual frameworks of applied developmental science, developmental psychopathology and prevention science to evaluate school-based programs and practices, particularly in ethnically diverse school settings. We are primarily interested in how evidence-based programs and practices promote positive peer relationships and social-emotional and academic competencies for vulnerable children and adolescents. This work is most often conducted in collaboration with schools, community agencies and non-governmental organizations.

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