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The Undergraduate Psychology Association is a student-run organization dedicated to all things psychology-related at the University of Alberta. We strive to provide information and opportunities to current students and those considering psychology as a possible career.

Introducing your 2021/2022 UPA Exec Team…

Fajar Khan


Email: fajar1@ualberta.ca

Year: 4th

Degree: Specialization in Psychology

Favourite study spot on campus:

Favourite Class:

Ghazal Atarodifard


Email: atarodif@ualberta.ca

Year: 4th

Major: Psychology
Minor: Business

Favourite study spot on campus: I prefer more social study spots, like the ones in Cameron Library, because I actually get more distracted in super quiet spots. My favourites are the couch sections on the main floor of Cameron or if I want more focused time, the single partitioned desks on the higher floors. It’s also a blessing that Starbucks and other food places in CAB are a few steps away. 

Favourite Class: My favourite class so far has been PSYCO 275 with Scavuzzo because it made me realize my love for the more scientific side of psychology. Since then I’ve taken a few more science psychology courses with Scavuzzo, such as Special topics Psychopharmacology and 377 (Neuropsychology) and have really enjoyed all of them as Claire’s passion for the topic shines through her teaching and really makes you sit at the edge of your seat to learn. 

Victoria Rennie

VP Academic

Email: vrennie@ualberta.ca

Year: 4th

Degree: Honours Psychology

Favourite study spot on campus: The Rutherford Library Reading Room aka “The Harry Potter Room” or the Health Sciences Library. These spots are great because they are silent, secluded, and close to the train station which is important for when you’ve been studying for hours and just want to go home! 

Favourite Class: My favourite class is either PSYCO 375 with Kyle Mathewson or LING 224 with Jorge Roses Labrada. Introduction to Cognitive Neuroscience with Mathewson is one of my favourite classes because we had a lab portion where we used commercial portable EEGs to look at our own brain data and physically see the results of various manipulations like increasing heart rate or meditation. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a more arts-based course, LING 224 or Endangered Languages is a great option because you get to learn a lot about the world’s languages and how both past and future actions impact language vitality. 

Sara Moncion

VP Administration

Email: moncions@ualberta.ca

Year: 4th

Major: Honours Bachelors of Art psychology Minor: Linguistics

Favourite study spot on campus: 4th of 5th floor of CCIS, is usually pretty quiet, but also you get a nice view of campus

Favourite Class: 223 lifespan and developmental psychology, with Lisa Smithson, I loved learning about the different stages and things that happen throughout the lifespan. That class reinstated my passion for psychology. 

Sofia Panzetta

VP Communications

Email: panzetta@ualberta.ca

Year: 3rd

Major: Biology and Psychology double-major

Favourite study spot on campus: The 4th-floor lounge in the Education Building is my fave! It’s very quiet if you go later in the afternoon/early evening and you can stay there all night if you wanted to. Definitely bring a hoodie or blanket with you though because it can get chilly in there. If you’re on that super late-night finals grind, I definitely recommend ordering UberEats to the front entrance (just make sure you have a friend stay in the lounge because the door will lock behind you past a certain time).

Favourite Class: PSYCO 275 with Scavuzzo was amazing!!! She made some pretty dull topics super interesting and by the end of her lectures, I felt as if I completely understood everything. 11/10 recommend Claire for any class at all, not just 275

Priscilla Ojomu

VP Marketing

Email: pojomu@ualberta.ca

Year: 3rd

Major: Psychology (Arts)
Minor: Sociology

Favourite study spot on campus: Unfortunately, I haven’t stepped a foot into UAlberta due to Covid circumstances, so my favourite study spot remains my desk in my bedroom! I’ve been fortunate to create a little comfy study space that celebrates creativity, display my interests/passions and motivates me to study. I think that makes up for the sweet study spots on campus I seem to be missing out on!

Favourite Class: CSL 100! I had to take this course as a requirement of the Certificate in Community Engagement and Service Learning which I’m working towards, and I enjoyed every bit of it! I’ll have to credit the wonderful course instructor, Jay Friesen and my CSL placement organization for my amazing experience. This course “takes you out of the traditional classroom” and into the “real world.” It forces you to examine your identity, positionality, and the systems around you. Highly recommended, especially for those interested in social psychology, social justice, and volunteering!

Sara Ladhani

VP Finance

Email: sladhani@ualberta.ca


Major: Psychology and Biological Sciences double-major

Favourite study spot on campus: Law library

Favourite Class: PSYCO 275- Neuroscience has always intrigued me, and PSYCO 275 with Dr. Scavuzzo was one of my favourite classes! The fascinating concepts greatly influenced me towards changing my minor in psychology to a major. 

Rita Song

VP Social

Email: ritasong@ualberta.ca

Year: 4th

Major: Psychology Minor: Biology

Favourite study spot on campus: Rutherford 4th Floor, especially by the windows that look out to the Arts and Business Quad

Favourite Class: PSYCO 329! I loved the fact that while learning interesting content about ageing, I was able to get involved within the community through the CSL component of the class! I very much enjoyed every bit of this class.

Jenna Silkin Maychos

VP Volunteers

Email: silkinma@ualberta.ca

Year: 3rd

Degree: Specialization in Psychology

Favourite study spot on campus: ALES Atrium, it’s filled with so much natural light!!

Favourite Class: PSYCO 282, Dr. Loepelmann is one of my favourite professors, he does such a good job of keeping everyone engaged and interested the entire class. I also loved how applicable the course was to myself and felt like that made it easier to understand the content.