Psychology 104: Basic Psychological Processes (Science)

Description: This course constitutes the biologically oriented half of the introduction to the science of behaviour and mind. Topics covered include history of psychology, psychological research methods, the adaptiveness of behaviour, the function and relevance of the nervous system, the processes of sensation, perception, learning, memory, emotion and motivation.


Psychology 371: Neurobiology of Learning and Memory (Science)

Description: The aim of this course is to provide the student with an introduction to the neural bases of learning and memory. The course begins with a review of the historical background, experimental methods, and principles of neurobiology. Learning and memory will then be analyzed at different levels of biological organization, including molecular/cellular, neural circuit, neural system, and behavioural.


Physiology 444: Advanced Topics in Neurophysiology (Medicine)

Description:A lecture/seminar course emphasizing contemporary aspects of developmental, cellular, systems and cognitive neurophysiology. I will be giving four lectures that focus on temporal coding via oscillatory synchronization of neural activity.


Psychology 402/505:Methods & Analysis of Neurophysiological Time Series Data

Description:This course looks at the theory, method and analysis of techniques designed to record the electrical activity of the nervous system in behaving animals and awake performing humans.


Physiology 527:Experimental Approaches in Neuroscience

Description:This course delves into methods used across the broad field of Neuroscience. I teach a lecture on high density extracellular field recording methods.


Neuroscience 410:Neurobiology of Aging and Neurodegenerative Disorders

Description:This course looks at the neural underpinnings of physiological and pathological aging. I teach a lecture on the changes that occur with cellular correlates of learning and memory in normal aging.


Pharmacology 371:Cellular Neuroscience

Description:This course constitutes one of the fundamental undergraduate requirements for both Neuroscience and Physiology. I teach a lecture on synaptic plasticity and its relevance for learning and memory