We have two acute in vivo rigs which are normally set up with stereotaxic apparati for whole animal preparations but can do double duty for brain slice/whole brain in vitro preparations as well. These rigs are equipped with single cell (intra- and extra-cellular) and multichannel (X4) field recording amplifiers. InVivoRhythms1 is further equipped with a 16 channel amplification system that allows recordings from silicon multichannel probes. We are currently purchasing another such system for InVivoRhythms2. Both rigs are complete with stimulation, infusion, and analog to digital acquisition equipment. We also have a visualized patch rig which allows for whole cell recordings of single neurons in brain slices or in isolation/culture. This rig comes complete with a near IR DIC fixed stage microscope with fluorescence on a moveable platform which allows for double recording/stimulation. The amplification system is the computer controlled Axon Multiclamp 700. This allows us to make nearly any kind of electrophysiological recording in our preparation. Finally, we have a freely behaving rig which allows for recordings in chronic preparations in an open field situation.